Advertising Campaigns

I have run multiple Facebook Advertising Campaigns for clients of different industries. I have created the ads and done the targeting, as well as designed the creative for some of them. I have taken the 14hr Udemy Course Envy course for Facebook Advertising and completing my Facebook Blueprint Certification as I am officially a Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate.

The first images displayed are for an HVAC Company that wanted to specialize in their furnace repairs. We did a brand awareness campaign so I decided to utilize a lookalike audience and offer promotions for new customers. I did similar targeting for Modern Leather Goods. They continue to utilize Facebook Advertising so the creative below is from several different campaigns, each with a different message. Lastly, Urban Investment Partners (UIP) was a more focused campaign. UIP manages rental properties, however they sell to investors. We decided to hone in on keywords like “opportunity zones” , “avoid capital gains tax” and other language specific to those investing in rental properties.