Internships and Projects

Here are some samples of work that I have done during my education career and marketing internships. During my time at Marist, I have interned at marketing agencies and nonprofit organizations. I had to take very different approaches to these different internships but it taught me versatility. Good marketing is all about knowing your audience and connecting with them and a marketer needs to be able to connect with each audience differently. Here are a couple of examples of projects I have done.

Read, White, and You

This project was for my senior year Communication Campaign Management class. The clients were Marist First Year Programs and the Marist Common Read Program. The book for the Class of 2024’s Common Read was about the importance of voting. Therefore, my team and I centered our campaign around educational campus activities that will inform students about the importance of their voice. This included a contact sheet of those who would be in charge of activities/events, a budget of all expenses that will be incurred, a timeline of all events, mock emails, news releases, and strategies and tactics. Elements of the work I have done, including an FAQ section I wrote, has been included on the Marist website.

Girls’ Leadership Worldwide

Girls’ Leadership Worldwide (GLW) is a two-week program for girls to learn more about their path in life. I created a brochure for GLW and social media posts about the Program and about influential women. Additionally, I researched the information of hundreds of former attendees to build a community of alumni.


Dentagrafix is a company that produces fun patterns on clear retainers. This product was recently patented when I began working on it, so I made many posts, as well as created B2B and B2C client lists for possible media outlets. This project was part of my internship at PR Revolution